SAFMEDS - Say All Fast, Minute Every Day Shuffle


What are SAFMEDS?

The Applied Behavior Analysis way to study for your RBT exam, or any exam. All you need are flashcards and a timer.


Say the term and the definition out loud. Do not get lazy here. Do it every time.


Set your timer to a minute, and do as many as you can. Put the ones you miss in one pile, and the ones you answer correctly in a different pile.


Study every card. Not just the ones you know. Since the timer is set for one minute, you will not review all cards in every session.


Do this everyday! Fluency comes from repetition. When you pass your RBT exam, the time you spent will be worth it.


You want to go as fast as you can while maintaining accuracy. The goal is to develop fluency.


Shuffle your piles each time before starting again.

Why Should You Use SAFMEDS?

Why should you use SAFMEDS? SAFMEDS are rooted in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Simply put, SAFMEDS are a better way to study using flashcards.

Ogden Lindsley, who was a pioneer of precision teaching (PT), developed SAFMEDS. Precision teaching relied on pinpointing target behaviors, tracking those behaviors using a standard celeration chart, and then using that data to make changes until learning was achieved.

Traditional studying with flashcards can be a slow, painful process. SAFMEDS improve upon flashcards by introducing new techniques:

  • Traditionally, you would do flashcards in your head. SAFMEDS require you to say everything out loud.
  • Fast is the opposite of slow. The goal is to go as quickly as you can as accurately as you can in one MINUTE.
  • But, if you don’t do some every day, you won’t achieve your full potential. Just 5-10 minutes a day with SAFMEDS will increase your chances of passing the RBT exam dramatically.

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