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Our extensive Youtube Video library includes: specific behavior technician skills, behavior technician exam practice questions and explanations, behavior technician competency tutorials, and the complete RBT task list review video for 2023. Our YouTube videos are guaranteed to improve your chances of passing the RBT exam or competency assessment. Use our study guide and practice exam with our free videos for best results. ABA Exam Review updates our registered behavior technician YouTube library regularly. Make sure you subscribe for all the latest updates.

RBT Exam Videos - Practice Questions, Practice Exams, and Task List Study Guides

RBT Practice Exam | Complete RBT Practice Test | RBT Exam Review Mock Exam [Part 1]

Registered Behavior Technician Exam Questions | RBT Practice Exam Review Part 1

This video is a Complete RBT Task List Study Guide. Every term you need to know is here.

RBT Practice Questions | Part 4 (Full Series of RBT Exam Practice Questions)

Registered Behavior Technician Exam | Mock RBT Exam [Part 1]

Let's Learn Applied Behavior Analysis

Preference Assessments in Applied Behavior Analysis

Extinction Procedures in ABA

What is Discrete Trial Training in ABA?

Positive Reinforcement and Negative Reinforcement in Applied Behavior Analysis

RBT Competency Assessment Study Guides and Practice Examples

RBT Competency Assessment Practice - Complete RBT Competency Assessment Study Guide (Start Here)

This video covers differential reinforcement including: DRO, DRA, DRI, and DRL

Learn about Functional Behavior Assessments and the role of the RBT

Continuous Measurement: Frequency, Duration, Rate, Latency and IRT

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