RBT® Task List 2nd Edition

The RBT® Task List (2nd edition) is what the BACB® uses to create the RBT® exam. RBTs must know all the terms and definitions on the task list in order to pass their exam, and deliver effective ABA services. The fastest way to score higher on the RBT® exam is to achieve fluency with the RBT® Task List terms and definitions. Below you will find video explanations for each task on the RBT® task list. For a full-length RBT® Task List Study Guide please check out our study materials: RBT® Study Materials

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Source: Behavior Analyst Certification Board. (2018). RBT task list (2nd ed.). Littleton, CO: Author RBT Task List (2nd Edition)https://btexamreview.com/continuous-measurement-frequency-rate-duration-irt-latency/

A-01 Describe How to Prepare for Data Collection

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Data collection involves identifying target behaviors, understanding what happened in previous sessions, and collecting data on the target behavior.

A-02 Continuous Measurement Procedures

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Continuous measurement occurs when every instance of behavior is recorded. Frequency, rate, duration, IRT, latency.

Blog – Continuous Measurement

A-03 Discontinuous Measurement Procedures

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Discontinuous measurement records a sample of behavior. Interval recording/Time sampling. Whole, partial, or momentary time sampling.

Blog – Interval Recording/Time Sampling

A-04 Permanent Product Recording

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A tangible and measurable product that results from the occurrence of a behavior.

A-05 Enter Data and Update Graphs

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RBTs might be asked to graph data taken during sessions. The most common graph in ABA is a line graph.

B-01 Define Behavior and Environment in Observable and Measurable Terms

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Behavior must be observable and measurable. Behavior is anything an organism does. Include topography and possible function.

B-02, 03, 04 Conduct Assessments

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Assessments can be functional assessments, preference assessments, or reinforcer assessments.

C-01 Identify the Essential Components of a Skill Acquisition Plan

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A skill acquisition plan contains a target, a goal, a measurement system, data, and an evaluation of collected data.

Duties of a RBT Blog

C-02 Describe How to Prepare for the Session as Required by the Skill Acquisition Plan

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RBTs should be prepared for session before they arrive to session. This includes all materials they need to run skill acquisition targets.

C-03 Use Contingencies of Reinforcement

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A contingency is an if-then statement. If you do this, then you get this. Contingencies provide opportunities to reinforce or punish.

Blog – Three-Term Contingencies

C-04 Implement DTT Procedures

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Discrete trial training or teaching. Short, quick intervals of learning that include an SD, prompt, response, feedback, and pause.

C-05 Implement Naturalistic Procedures

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NET or incidental teaching. Teaching behaviors or skills during naturally occurring contingencies.

C-06 Implement Task Analyzed Chaining Procedures


A task analysis breaks down a complex skill into simple steps. A task chain teaches the task analysis. There are several types of task chains.

C-08, 09 Prompting and Stimulus Control Transfer

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Prompting evokes a desired response or behavior. There is a prompt hierarchy that can be followed from most-to-least or least-to-most

Stimulus Transfer Control Blog

C-10 Generalization and Maintenance Procedures

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Generalization is the goal of ABA. Generalization occurs when the learned behavior occurs outside of the learning environment.

Blog – Stimulus and Response Generalization

D-01 Behavior Reduction

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Behavior reduction involves defining behaviors, identifying functions, antecedents, replacement behaviors, consequences, and implementation

D-02 Functions of Behavior

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Escape, Attention, Tangible, Automatic are the four functions of behavior

D-03 Implement Interventions based on Antecedents, MOs, SDs

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Antecedents occur right before the behavior. MOs are motivating operations and alter the value of a reinforcer. SDs are discriminative stimuli and signal reinforcement is available.

Blog – Motivating Operations and Discriminative Stimuli

D-04 Differential Reinforcement (DRO, DRA, DRI)

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Differential reinforcement of other behaviors, alternative behaviors, and incompatible behaviors

Blog – Differential Reinforcement

D-05 Extinction Procedures

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Extinction occurs when a previously reinforced behavior no longer receives reinforcement. Typically leads to an extinction burst.

Blog – Extinction

D-06 Crisis/Emergency Procedures

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When you, the client, or someone else is in danger it is a crisis. There should be a plan in place.

E-01 Report Variables that Affect the Client

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Poor sleep, change in mediation, family trouble, and many other variables impact the client and should be reported.

E-02 Objective Session Notes and Descriptions

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Session notes are required. Notes should be objective, concise, and complete.

E-03 Effectively Communicate with Supervisor

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Communicate everything with your supervisor. Communication is essential for providing quality ABA services.

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Follow all workplace regulations, and all state and local laws when providing ABA services

F-01 Describe the Role of the RBT

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The primary role of the RBT is implementation of the treatment plan. RBTs can assist in assessments and parent training.

F-02 Respond Appropriately to Feedback and Improve Accordingly

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When feedback is given, RBTs should responds by implementing the feedback, and attempting to improve on their services.

F-03 Communicate with Stakeholders Only as Authorized

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RBTs should not offer treatment plan, medical, academic, or diet advice to parents. RBTs should refer stakeholders to the supervisor.

F-04 Maintain Professional Boundaries/No Dual Relationships

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Do not engage in friendly relationships with clients. Professional and personal should never mix.

F-05 Maintain Client Dignity

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Treat all clients with the same respect that you want to receive. This includes maintaining privacy at all times.

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Source: Behavior Analyst Certification Board. (2018). RBT task list (2nd ed.). Littleton, CO: Author RBT Task List (2nd Edition)