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Escape, attention, tangible, sensory describe what?

This signals that reinforcement is available

This consequence increases the future likelihood of behavior.

Reinforcement is delivered, on average, every 2 minutes following the first response after the time is up. What reinforcement schedule is this?

This procedure involves reinforcing gradual changes in behavior.

The first step in this prompting strategy is errorless learning.

Which of the following is the best example of maintaining client dignity?

You’re about to start a session with a client. What do you need to do to be sure you’re ready to have a successful session (at the very minimum)?

A little boy is playing with his toys in his room. Holding one of his stuffed animal dolls, he looks at it and says “Zebra!” What type of verbal behavior is this?

When working with a client, whose preferences should take priority?

Adding something that will motivate a person to increase the likelihood that they will engage in the target behavior again. What type of reinforcement is this?

What occurs before the behavior?

Which antecedent increases or decreases the value of a consequence?

You are recording the time it takes from the presentation of the demand (Sd) to the first instance of behavior. What are you measuring?

All of the following are acceptable for a professional relationship between an RBT and supervising BCBA EXCEPT ____?

This is the breakdown of a task into its individual components and steps.

Frequency and rate are often used interchangeably, however there is a distinction. Which statement is correct?

The most common form of graph used in ABA is:

You work with a client three hours per day. During those hours, your client consistently engages in verbal stereotypy. Your BCBA wants to implement a differential reinforcement procedure. She instructs you to reinforce the client whenever they are not engaged in verbal stereotypy. What type of differential reinforcement is this?

Which of the following is the best way to communicate treatment progress with a client’s parents?

You are standing in your bedroom closet with your toddler and say, "light on!" and turn the light on. Your toddler than says, "light on!" and you turn the light on again. Your toddler engaged in relative to your verbal behavior ______?

You want to make it harder for your client to earn reinforcement as they are now progressing quickly through skill acquisition. What schedule would be the worst to use if this was your objective?

Gabe loses a bet and has to jump into his friend's pool in below freezing temperatures. As soon as Gabe jumps in, he the freezing cold hits him, and he runs to a hot shower. Gabe never jumps in freezing water again. The freezing cold is a _______?

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