RBT Testimonials and Success Stories

Dropping in to say I just passed my exam from using the guide and mock test! Thank you 💜

– Tara J, RBT, purchased the combo pack

I just passed my RBT exam on Wednesday. I literally watched your 5 part pass the RBT exam videos 2 days before the test. During the test I thought I failed but to my surprise I passed 🤘🏾

-Stefone P, RBT, YouTube Videos 

Thank you for posting the videos I purchased the exam bundle. I took my exam today and I passed your youtube channel is awesome.👍

-Nicole E, RBT, purchased the combo pack

Let me just give a big thank you for taking the time to make these videos. You articulate the information very well and are very in depth, you can tell that you sincerely want people to succeed. I passed my exam this morning on the first try and let me say several of the questions found me hearing your voice and your instruction in my head! Thankful for that and happy I can accept my job offer now that I am registered. Keep up the excellent work

-Mary G, RBT, YouTube Video

I passed my exam today, Your videos were super useful

-Fatma N, RBT, purchased the combo pack

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for these videos. I took my exam yesterday and passed!! Your in depth explanations and ways of breaking down concepts/definitions was a HUGE help! Thank you again so much!

-Amber O, RBT, YouTube Video

Thank you for your videos. I passed the competency and my exam using your videos. Very helpful! I look forward to watch more for continuing education in the field.

-Jenny E, RBT, YouTube Videos

I passed my test yesterday. Thank you for the videos, they helped a lot!

-Ashley, RBT, YouTube Videos

I have just watched 2 of your videos. I must say that I have learned more from you than what I learned through an online training center. You should really consider opening an online school for this. You break it down in such a way that makes it easier to understand and follow along. Thanks!! This is GREAT!

-Arlene, RBT, combo pack and videos

This guide is money. I just looked it over as a refresher and it’s very very convenient instead of having to pull resourced information from different corners of the web. Thanks for this crash course study guide. 😁

-Keale P, RBT, Combo Pack

Thank you so much for your channel !! And congrats to everyone ! I passed my RBT exam because of you too ! Thank you so much !

-Estelle, RBT, Combo Pack

I passed !!! (with 29 min left so i reviewed several) I studied for months and it didn’t click. If it wasn’t for your videos, and those 2 explanations/ comments your left for me I would still be stuck. To show my appreciation, I would like to offer to purchase a study guide for someone else on YouTube to help them out, and to show my confidence in your material.

-Krystale, RBT, Combo Pack

Heyyyy!! Update!! I passed my examm!! Im sooo happy!! This review is fantastic!! Well all your videos are!! Its all I studied and learned my definitions, and I found my test to be super easy, 40 minutes in I was done with my test 🙂 Good luck to everyone else who is doing it!! 🤍🙏🏻

-Ismarys Medina, RBT, practice exam and youtube videos

Thank you, I passed 👍

-Alexandra Luis, RBT, combo pack and videos

I passed my RBT test today. Thank you for all the resources 👍🏼

-Rknight, RBT, combo pack and rbt youtube videos

Hi, i just wanna say I passed my RBT test at the first time. I learned my definition thanks to you.

-Lay, RBT, study guide and rbt videos

thank you so much! I just passed this past Sunday and your videos helped so much!!!!

-Sabrina C, RBT, youtube videos

Your videos are the best. Thank you so much you helped me out, I just passed my test. I even bought your practice materials for support more people need to watch your videos.

-Amanda K, RBT, Combo Pack

Awe Thank you!! I passed on March 3rd, 2021. I highly encourage everyone wanting to become an RBT to purchase the study guide and the practice exam! Seriously, I did and I passed. You must study consistently! Congratulations to all who Passed!

-Sensei, RBT, combo pack

I passed my exam today! Your study guide and practice exam was very helpful! Thank you for all these videos!!!

-Kaitlyn D, RBT, Combo Pack

Thank you for this resource. I just passed my RBT exam.

-Kyle Smith, RBT, Youtube

Passed from Florida here ! thank you so much for all your videos def helped me pass it and in under 30 mins.

-Rashid K, RBT, Combo Pack

Just passed my exam because of all your videos! Thank you for your help!

-IAmKim, Youtube

I want to thank you, me and my wife stayed all night watching your videos and we both just passed the exam

-Ernesto M, RBT, Combo Pack

Hi. My name is Yanaisell and I would like to let you know, that today in the morning, I did pass my RBT exam, in a great manner, thanks to your videos, quizzes and classes. Thank you so much!!!

-Yanaisell, Youtube, Combo pack

I passed my exam yesterday! These videos were extremely helpful, thank you

-Rashelle G, RBT, Combo Pack

I passed my RBT exam thanks to studying your content. You have a great teaching dexterity

-Ac Bc, RBT, Youtube, Combo pack

I passed my exam yesterday and I got my certificate .I’m so happy right now u have been a great part in this

-Kholoudkhawkkha91 G, RBT, Combo Pack

Hi.I just passed my exam. It was hard.Your videos and all your help were so so helpful. Learning the concepts was great. Thanks

-Julia G, RBT, Youtube

I did my RBT exam today and passed, and these videos were very helpful in doing that. Continue doing more great videos

-Shauna-gaye Banton, RBT, Combo Pack

I passed the rbt exam (2nd try) by watching your videos. Dont stop putting out content!

-Bnked OnMemory, RBT,  Youtube

I passed my RBT exam yesterday for the first try.. You are a magnificent teacher, I want to thank you enormously for your videos, thanks to your effort . I will recommend your videos to everyone who needs it. I also purchased your practice test / study guide and playing your videos and that helped me a lot…Thank you.. Good luck to everyone who is doing it!

-Abed Abad, Youtube, RBT, Combo Pack

I really appreciate these videos. Watched all 13 to study on top of other things and just passed my exam today. Thank you!

-Cody P, RBT,  Youtube

I passed my exam today. Thanks for your videos very helpfull.

-Diana C, Youtube, RBT, Combo Pack

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