RBT Competency Assessment Practice

RBT competency assessment practice

What is the RBT Competency Assessment?        

An RBT candidate has to go through a series of steps before certification. Even though the steps are simple and straightforward, the whole process calls for dedication and hard work. Below are the main steps:

Completing a 40-hour RBT training

RBTs work with vulnerable populations directly. Therefore, they must receive enough training to be able to implement plans given to them by their supervising BCBAs. The body governing the whole process, the BACB, has strict guidelines and regulations, especially when it comes to completing RBT training. There are many different trainings available, but you want to choose the one that is right for you.  You can find these programs via agencies, universities, and even online. The training typically takes 5-7 days to complete.

The RBT Competency Assessment

As the applicant, you have to pass the initial RBT competency assessment before you can become a registered behavior technician. This assessment requires you to demonstrate competency in several RBT task list areas.

The RBT initial competency assessment has a collection of twenty items for you to complete. During this assessment, you will demonstrate your competency to a BCBA or a BCaBA. This can be done through role-playing, working with a client, or during an interview.

Pass the RBT Exam

You will also need to pass the RBT exam. This exam is administered at a testing center. You can find RBT practice exams, study guides, and flashcards in our shop.

You can also find RBT practice questions, RBT task list study guides, and RBT practice exam questions on my YouTube channel: RBT Exam Review – RBT Exam and Competency Assessment Study Guide

What to expect during your RBT competency assessment?

The initial competency assessment can be done in one or more sessions. Additionally, before taking part in the assessment, the applicant has to meet several requirements so that they can take part in the assessment including the 40-hour training.

There are twenty items in the assessment. These items have been divided into sections, namely:

  • Tasks 1-3: Measurement
  • Tasks 4-5: Assessment
    • Preference Assessments
    • ABC Data
  • Tasks 6-15: Skill acquisition and behavior reduction
    • DTT
    • Naturalistic Teaching
    • Chaining
    • Shaping
    • Discrimination Training
    • Stimulus Transfer
    • Prompting
    • Token Systems
    • Crisis/Emergency
    • Antecedent Interventions
    • Differential Reinforcement
    • Extinction
  • Tasks 16-20: Professionalism and requirements
    • Session Notes
    • Client Dignity
    • Professional Boundaries
    • Supervision Requirements
    • Clinical Direction

For a candidate to pass the assessment, they have to demonstrate competency in the above areas.

If an applicant fails to demonstrate competency, they will receive a “not passed” notification. At the end of the assessment, every applicant will receive performance feedback whether they pass or fail. However, even if you fail, you can study and then retry the competency assessment.

What is the importance of an RBT Competency Assessment?

RBT candidates must pass an initial RBT competency assessment before they are registered as certified registered behavior technicians. RBTs must then complete a competency renewal each time their license is set to expire.  

RBT Competency Assessment Study Guide


How should you prepare for the RBT Competency Assessment? Look no further than my competency assessment video that covers the entire initial and renewal RBT competency assessment. Then, purchase our RBT competency assessment study guide. The study guide covers every item on the RBT Competency Assessment, and is a great way to practice for your own assessment. You no longer have to wonder how to prepare for the RBT Competency Assessment.

We also recommend purchasing the supplementary RBT competency assessment study guide which includes everything you might encounter during your own assessment. The study guide is the perfect complement to our RBT competency assessment training video.

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What's Next After Passing the RBT Competency Assessment

If you pass your initial competency assessment, you can now apply and start preparing for the RBT exam. The RBT exam is the final step towards RBT certification. We offer extensive RBT exam prep!

If you pass your renewal competency assessment you will want to make sure you’ve submitted the necessary paperwork to the BACB, and then you are all set! You can continue working as an RBT.